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Residence Related

1. Are There Other Activities?


The brethren at the Center schedule a variety of activities on a regular basis, such as picnics, ice cream socials, and hymn singing.

Many opportunities for service are available at the Center. Many residents volunteer their time to help run the Center. Not only does this keep expenses down, but it also provides an opportunity to serve the brethren.


2. Who May Apply as a Resident?


All brethren of the Bible Students fellowship who are consecrated with the hope of the high calling and believe in the ransom for all may apply for admission provided they are 55 years of age or older, though exceptions can be made for those 50-54. These guidelines do not necessarily apply to the spouse of the consecrated applicant.


3. Where Do Our Residents Move Here From?


BSRC residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds and many areas of the United States. They have moved here from Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Washington, and places in between. They've come from large ecclesias, like Chicago; from small ecclesias, like Middletown, NY; and some have been isolated. You may think that you don't know anyone here. If that's the case, moving to the Center will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet new brethren.

Center & Location Related

1. Where is the Center?

The Center is located about 30 minutes east of Portland, Oregon, and about 20 minutes from the Portland International Airport in the Pacific Northwest, which is known for its scenic beauty. Mount Hood lies to the east, the rugged Pacific coastline is a short drive to the west, and the Columbia River with its famous Multnomah Falls is just east. All of these combine to make this area a very popular spot for visitors from all over.

2. What Does the Center Look Like?

The Center was designed with attractive buildings, a maximum amount of common grounds, and tall trees to create a park-like atmosphere. The Main House, which is the original home on the property, has been restored with modern amenities. It has large rooms and is the gathering place for activities.

Meetings are held in the Annex, which was built on to the Main House. There is an automatic door to the Annex hallway, making it easier for residents to enter the meeting room.


In the Dining Room, which seats 40, a delicious, full-course hot meal is served Monday through Friday. The low-cost noon meal is a nice opportunity for additional fellowship.


Just a short walk from the Main House are the living units, which are "condominium-style." Residents are responsible for decorating and cleaning the interior of their unit; however, an on-site handyman is available--at no cost to you--to assist with minor household repairs and maintenance such as changing light bulbs in ceiling fixtures or fixing a leaky faucet. The Center provides lawn services and is responsible for all exterior maintenance.

There are several sizes and styles of living units from which to choose: studios, one- or two-bedroom units.


All units include a stove, refrigerator, carpeting, and mini-blinds. Many units have a built-in dishwasher, a garbage disposal, and a laundry room. Units with garages include automatic garage door openers.

3. What is the Security Like?


The Center is a place where you'll feel secure enough to take an evening stroll. A fence surrounds the entire complex with a gated entrance opened by security codes.

Living Expenses

1. Do I rent or purchase a unit?

Units are only available for rent at the Center. The BSRC does not accept short-term rentals (less than 6 months). However, there is no obligation to remain at the Center if it isn't the "right fit." You may discontinue your lease at any time with a 60 day notice.

Also brethren younger than 55 years old can rent available empty units for six months at a time as a temporary renter. The lease may be renewed in six-month increments as long as there isn't anyone waiting to move into that unit as a permanent resident.

Please click on our Unit Rates/Options page to see rental prices.

2. Besides Rent, Are There Other Expenses?

Residents pay utilities such as heat, electric, Internet, and cable in their unit.

A one-time security deposit of one month's rent is required at time of original lease-signing.

Residents are invited to have a noon-time hot meal in the Main House, Monday through Friday, for a nominal fee.

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